Market Advisory Board

In 2017, the Old Capitol Farmers Market will form a board of directors to provide general guidance and oversight for the market.

Old Capitol Farmers Market Advisory Board Composition

Composition of the Board shall consist of 9 members, approved by the market governing organizations from constituencies representing various segments of the Market community which have experience, expertise or interest in the areas of farming, local food production, local food systems, urban planning, community and neighborhood organizing, event planning, business, or another related field, as follows:

  • 5 of any of the following vendors: fruits and/or vegetables, meat, dairy, honey, baked goods and other prepared foods
    • 3 of these vendors being full-season Market participants of at least four years
    • 1 vendor being a participant of less than four years
  • 1 vendor artisan
  • 1 community group representative from a current Market group
  • 1 downtown Springfield business representative
  • 1 Springfield resident, who is a Market patron but not a vendor or other Market participant

Old Capitol Farmers Market Advisory Board Board Member Duties, Roles, and Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities of the Board may include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • To consider future growth of the Market consistent with its mission;
  • To research and seek additional funding, including donations, grants, and other support for Old Capitol Farmers Market;
  • To encourage public participation in the Market, and its related events and programming;
  • To cooperate with other entities on matters regarding the Market;
  • To offer input on market programming and marketing
  • To take such other actions as the market governing organizations direct from time to time.

Terms of Board Member

  • Appointments are made for three year terms.
  • If a Board member resigns or is removed from the Board, a successor shall be appointed by the market governing organizations and will then serve out the unexpired period of the vacated term.
  • Absence from three consecutive meetings within a 12 month period may be considered cause for removal from the Board.
  • The Old capitol Farmers Market Advisory Board shall appoint sub-committees as deemed necessary.
  • Compensation: No member of the Market at the Square Advisory Board, or any appointed subcommittee, shall receive compensation for his or her services.
  • Administration: The Old Capitol Farmers Market Advisory Board shall be responsible for taking any action necessary to carry out its purposes for projects as described above. The market manager shall provide staff support to act as Staff Liaison and to prepare meeting information for the meetings and activities of the Old Capitol Farmers Market Advisory Board

Anyone interested in serving on the Old Capitol Farmers Market Advisory Board should review the complete the advisory board application. Please submit your application to the OCFM Market Manager by March 1, 2017. If you have any questions pertaining to the Old Capitol Farmers Market Advisory Board, please contact Lindsay Keeney at

You can also fill out the online application here.