Vendor Policies and Application

The Springfield Winter Farmers Market is a producer-only farmers market located inside the Third Presbyterian Church in Downtown Springfield. The 2017 season of the Springfield Winter Farmers Market operates on the 4th Saturday of each month from January – April for a total of 4 markets. The Market will take  place every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. The Springfield Winter Farmers Market is organized by Illinois Stewardship AllianceLincoln Land Community College, and the Third Presbyterian Church and is sponsored by the Third Presbyterian Church, SIU School of Medicine, HSHS St. John’s HospitalDowntown Springfield, Inc, Slow Food Springfield, and the Community Missions Network.  

Market Goals

  1. Provide a place for shoppers to purchase local food during the winter months and fill in the gaps for year round availability of local food.
  2. Offer a winter market opportunity for farmers to sell their local products.
  3. Create a community gathering space that celebrates agriculture and delicious food while deepening an appreciation of place.
  4. Strengthen the local economy by providing a venue for the public to connect with local food and craft artisans, and increase opportunities for businesses to expand.
  5. Support healthy habits to help community members live their best.

Vendor Admission


  1. Submission of a complete application.
  2. Submission of all applicable permits and licenses required by the health department, city, county, and state for legal sale of the goods offered by the Vendor at the Market.
  3. Submission of a copy of the Certificate of Liability Insurance for a minimum of: $100,000 per person; $250,000 per occurrence; and $100,000 property damage. Illinois Stewardship Alliance must be listed as the “Certificate Holder” or as an “Additional Insured” (or both).

Priority Areas:

  1. Availability and capacity to attend all markets.
  2. A mix of vendors with a primary focus on local food producers.
  3. Positive history with area farmer’s market managers including adherence to market rules and regulations, courtesy, seniority, market attendance, and payment of fees.
  4. Growing practices that use IPM; humane treatment of animals; limited use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, non-organic fertilizers, antibiotics, etc.
  5. Unique or unusual products that meet consumer needs and offer diversity to the overall market.

Vendor Types

Grower: A Grower is a person actively involved and invested in the planting, growing, raising, and harvesting of agricultural products. This definition includes ranchers and dairymen. Agricultural products are fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, honey, eggs, fresh herbs, flowers, and any meat, dairy, or other agricultural product that is produced on farm and sold by that farm.

Local Food Vendors: A local food vendor is any vendor selling food products that feature primarily local ingredients, whose mission and core values are to support local farmers, and whose total local food ingredient purchases account for more than 50% of their raw ingredient costs. See the Local Food Vendor Policies section for more details.

Non­-Local Food Vendors: Any vendor selling food products that are unavailable in Illinois (coffee, olives, chocolate etc.) or that are made from ingredients that are difficult to source in Illinois. Most baked goods and bread fall under this category since local grain is difficult to source. See the Non-­Local Food Vendor Policies section for more details.

Artisan: An artisan vendor sells products designed, fabricated and hand­crafted by the artisan vendor. Acceptance is based on originality of design, materials and production techniques. All crafts must be of excellent workmanship both in quality and design. The items must show evidence of manual skills obtainable through a significant period of dedication and experience. All artisans will be juried before acceptance into the Market.

Vendor Application Process

The Springfield Winter Farmer’s Market uses online software called ManageMyMarket to register vendors, track certifications, and assign spaces. Vendors must apply to the Market online. Applications are available at Vendors will need to create an account, select Springfield Winter Farmer’s Market, complete the online application process and upload supporting documents. There is a $5 application fee charged for all approved applications. For questions regarding this process, please contact Lindsay Keeney at or (217) 528-1563.

Vendor Fees

Market Season Participation Rate: $40

  • Market season runs the 4th Saturday of the month from January through April.
  • Payment must be made by December 19. Payments may be made by credit/debit card using the PayPal function as part of the online application system. Please log in to your vendor profile at and click on your ACCOUNTS tab. Please contact the Illinois Stewardship Alliance if there are questions regarding this process.

Manage My Market Registration Fee: $5

  • All vendors must register online with Manage My Market. There is a yearly registration fee of $5. Details on how to register can be found in the Manage My Market information page. If you do not have access to the internet or need assistance with filling out an application, you may schedule a time to register by calling the Illinois Stewardship Alliance office at (217) 528­1563.

Miscellaneous Notes to Ensure a Successful Market for the Vendors, Market Organizers, Shoppers, and Community

  1. Vendors are expected to complete a weekly survey about their market experience.
  2. Vendors are expected to attend each market, but in the case of an emergency, to notify Marnie Record at (217) 786-4993 or of an absence.
  3. Vendors are expected to follow the trail rule “pack it in pack it out”, and not to leave any trash or other materials behind.
  4. Vendors and committee members are expected to exhibit professional behavior and provide a positive, welcoming environment for consumers.
  5. Hired staff person will be responsible for set-up and break-down of the market.
  6. Committee members are expected to make decisions for the optimal success of the farmers market for all parties involved and to meet the goals of the market.
  7. Committee members are expected to promote the market in striving for the highest attendance and sales possible, and represent the market whenever an opportunity arises.

Market Token Program

All vendors will be required to participate in the Market Token Program and accept Red General Purpose Tokens. Vendors selling eligible products will be required to accept Orange and Yellow Link Tokens. Vendors are required to sign the Market Token Agreement Form in order to receive approval to sell at the Springfield Winter Farmers Market.

Hold Harmless and Indemnify Agreement

The Springfield Winter Farmer’s Market is an arrangement whereby space is leased by committee members to vendors who are sole proprietors, partnerships, or independent entities. All vendors agree to hold harmless and indemnify the committee member organizations, individuals on the committee, the city of Springfield, and agents, representatives and employees of those organizations, from any and all responsibilities, losses of income, claims, damages, lawsuits, reasonable attorney fees, costs, expenses or judgments incurred by, or resulting from, the enforcement of any rules or from the sale or consumption of goods sold by the vendors at the Springfield Winter Farmer’s Market.