10% Pledge for Local Food


Illinois is an agricultural powerhouse, yet more than 95 percent of food consumed in Illinois is imported from outside the state. For chefs and cooks that means the product they’re getting is often times past its peak freshness, and the possibility lost business. Seven out of 10 consumers said they are more likely to go to a restaurant offering locally produced food, according to the National Restaurant Association. For local farmers that means money that could be supporting them is instead leaving the state.

That’s why Illinois Stewardship Alliance is starting the 10% Campaign. ISA is asking that chefs, cooks and restaurant owners pledge to try and buy 10 percent of the food locally.

To make all of this work, ISA is also starting the Illinois Chef/Farmer Network. Chefs wanting to buy local will be able to connect with farmers in their area. We are working on promotional materials for the network, as well as events for network members. Joining is free for both chefs and farmers. All you have to do is CLICK HERE.

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