The Alliance’s Annual Gathering of Stewards!

Register today for the Illinois Stewardship Alliance’s Annual Gathering of Stewards, featuring tale-telling, lively debate, general merrymaking, and the sweet organized chaos of democracy in motion. Your voice and your choice matter. Let’s use them together!

All Virtual
Annual Gathering of Stewards
Thursday, Feb. 18th, 2021 at 4- 5:30pm
Optional Happy Half-Hour to Follow
Free Registration for Members
$25 for New Members
Dig Deep Training Sessions
At the Chicago Food Justice Summit 
Feb 25, 26 & March 5,6

Every year, for over 40 years, stewards of land and community from across the state have come together for a shared purpose at Illinois Stewardship Alliance’s Annual Meeting.

Together we share stories, lived experiences, fresh ideas, and age-old wisdom. We celebrate with each other our victories, mourn our losses, and share our dreams for a just and regenerative future. And then we get to work– strategizing, building skills, and laying the groundwork to make those dreams manifest.

We’re building a powerful alliance of farmers and eaters that have a seat at every table where decisions are made. Will you join us?

This year at the Alliance’s Annual Gathering of Stewards you will:

  • Meet folks like yourself from across the state that share your passion for a just and regenerative food system.
  • Celebrate all we’ve accomplished together in 2020.
  • Get the down-and-dirty scoop on food and farm policy that impacts you and your community.
  • Plug in to opportunities to build your relationship with key decision-makers and build your skills as a leader in the local food movement.

We are farmers and foresters, advocates and activists, placemakers and politicians, artists, scientists, and social butterflies– and we are stewards, members of Illinois Stewardship Alliance.

Are you a steward? Join us today.