2nd Annual Membership Drive Success

Illinois Stewardship Alliance had 80 people, farms and organizations sign up for membership during its second annual membership drive because of the support from people like you. Thank you!

The great response, which is about double the response from the first membership drive, is a continuation of ISA’s growing membership base.

Jane Smith joined ISA after reading about the drive on a friend’s Facebook page. Like many of the new members, she discovered she’d benefited from ISA’s work without knowing it.

“I looked through the website and realized I’ve already been to one of the Local Flavors dinner events,” Jane said. “Caring so much about the local food movement, it seemed like becoming a member was the perfect way to ‘put my money where my mouth is.’ I hope to stay better informed on food issues affecting Illinois through the ISA.”

To date, ISA has generated more than $8,000 through membership for 2013. The total for all of the money generated through membership in 2012 was slightly more than $9,000. Membership dues allow ISA to be flexible and extremely responsive to farmers’ and local food practitioners’ needs. A larger membership base lets ISA hear more voices, ideas and thoughts about how to grow local food economies and sustainable agriculture.

“It’s great to have so many new members because it shows staff that we’re doing something right,” Wes King, ISA interim executive director, said. “It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day work that keeps a small nonprofit running, and forget how our work affects people on a daily basis. Members give weight to what we do and keeps our focus on what matters – ensuring that local, healthy food is available to everyone and that the lands that give us that food will be around for gen
erations to come.

Missed the membership drive but still want to join? Visitwww.ilstewards.org/join today!