A vision for the future, planted in the present

Illinois Stewardship Alliance embarks on 2nd annual membership drive

Locally grown vegetables and locally raised meats are on the menu of nearly every restaurant. Year round farmers’ markets are in communities across Illinois. More money is in the pockets of family farmers, both young and old. Vacant lots have been transformed into community gardens. Laws are in place that encourage and support, rather than stifle, innovative local farmers and food entrepreneurs. Illinois’ countryside is dotted by farms of all sizes living in harmony, protecting natural resources and the environment. A great re-settling of rural America is revitalizing communities from Carbondale to Rockford.

This is our vision for the future of food and farming — a vision we have been working towards here at the Illinois Stewardship Alliance for more than 30 years. We have come a long way but we still have a lot of work to do! We are changing the food and farm system and need your support.

Through June 30, we are holding our 2nd annual membership drive. As a grassroots organization, we rely on member input when deciding how to focus our work and address the most critical issues facing Illinois’ local food and farm system.  We want your opinions and input, so we hope you will join today!

Food touches everyone’s lives, and can either heal or harm. With your help we can harness the power of food to improve the health and wealth of our communities. Already we connect local farmers to local restaurants, which translates into more money in the pockets of farmers and fresh, healthy food onto an ever growing number of plates. We are leading the way when it comes to representing the needs of local farmers and food entrepreneurs on both the state and federal level by keeping members informed of policy issues that affect them. We push for legislation that supports and encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. In 2011 we led the way in establishing Illinois’ Cottage Food Law, and currently pushing reforms to on-farm composting laws for rural, suburban and urban communities through the legislature. But we need to do more, and with your help we can!

Ready to sign up?  Join by CLICKING HERE. Not interested in membership? Consider supporting our work by making a donation!

Thank you for your support!

Wes King

Interim Executive Director

P.S.  Our membership drive ends June 30th. If you sign up by then you will be automatically entered to win dinner for two to one of Illinois’ premier farm-to-table restaurants or luggage from Patagonia!