Stipend Request and Report Out Forms

Are you looking for a local food or farming expert to speak at your next event? You’ve come to the right place.

As part of our mission to bring greater awareness to the issues and ideas surrounding local food and farming, we have created the Farmer Speaker Bureau

The Farmer Speaker Bureau is a comprehensive list of farmers and other local food and agriculture advocates with specific skill sets and areas of expertise who are willing to speak at events and with the media. The idea behind the Farmer Speaker Bureau is to help  interested parties, such as journalists, event coordinators, and other organizations, to connect with local food and farm experts that can speak about specific topics of interests by creating a simplified list where they can find these speakers. The ultimate goal of the Farmer Speaker Bureau is to connect food and farm experts with more opportunities to share their knowledge on issues and ideas surrounding local food, farming, and sustainable agriculture in order to better educate the public about these topics.  

Please understand that our speakers’ time is valuable. Many of them are working full time on their farms or businesses. If you would like to invite one of the Bureau members to speak at your next event, but are unable to compensate them for their time and travel expenses, please fill out the Time and Travel Stipend Request Form and email the completed form to, or mail it to:

Illinois Stewardship Alliance
230 Broadway St., Suite 200
Springfield, IL 62701

When you are granted a stipend, you will also be asked to complete a brief Event Report Survey about your event. Upon reception of the Report Out form, you will be sent the stipend check.