A New Plan for the New Year – ISA Strategic Plan 2019-2022

We are an alliance of farmers and eaters. That’s how the Alliance’s revised mission statement begins in the organization’s new strategic plan, approved by the Board of Directors on Nov. 18. The new mission and strategic plan culminates a year’s worth of work. 

With leadership from Dan Kenney as chair, the Strategic Plan Committee set out to ask big questions to clarify the organization’s mission, vision, and values, and identify our strategic priorities for the next three years. Committee members Erica Beeman, Tim Magner, and Shari O’Donnell, and Executive Director Liz Moran Stelk worked with a team of five consultants with the Executive Service Corps in Chicago. We interviewed 30 stakeholders, held four focus groups with members, surveyed supporters, and held a board and staff retreat.

The Board is proud to share the Alliance’s revised mission and vision:

Our mission is to find, connect, train and amplify the leadership of farmers and eaters who use their choices and their voices to shape a more just and regenerative local food and farm system. Our statewide community unites to educate policymakers and form a powerful voice that has a seat at every table where decisions are made.

Our vision is an Illinois where farmers make a living responsibly stewarding the land and feeding our communities; people can easily and affordably find and buy local food that aligns with their values; and we all enjoy vibrant, resilient, and healthy communities.

Our primary goal is to be the trusted, reliable, effective, sensible and joyful organization you can count on to be educated about, and have the opportunity to take action on, the barriers and opportunities to build a just and regenerative food and farm system. Our long term goals include:

-Establish a robust network of member farmers, eaters and partners interested in, trained and prepared to take coordinated action;

-Lead a coalition that produces a definitive statewide local food directory that helps people find local food and makes the industry more visible to policymakers

-Produce a Food and Farm Voter Guide with candidate questionnaires to educate voters on issues;

-Foster new champions for local food and sustainable agriculture in the state legislature and Congress;

-Help the Pritzker administration include local food and regenerative agriculture in the state’s effort to reach US Climate Alliance GHG emission reduction goals; and

-Significantly expand our farmer and eater membership base.

We also aim to expand our organizational capacity and effectiveness so we can best serve farmers and eaters across the state. You can read the strategic plan here.

Click here for the full PDF version of the ISA 2019-2022 Strategic Plan

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