Action needed to keep federal regulations from stifling small and family farms

2897974404_010cafb0eb_bIllinois Stewardship Alliance needs your help to make sure federal food safety regulations don’t squelch small and family farms. ISA joined with a strong and growing alliance of partners, working through the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, to get a number of protections for sustainable and organic farms built into the final version of the Food Safety Modernization Act, but those protections are now in danger and need your help.
The most important piece exempts farms with total sales under $500,000 per year, so long as a majority of sales are restricted to within the farm’s home state or a radius of 275 miles. Lately, however, consumer groups seem to be joining forces with the industrial farm lobbyists in an attempt to nullify the exemptions as they appear in the rules altogether, using plenty of fear mongering to make their case.
Please visit HERE to learn more about FSMA and to make sure corporate interest don’t drown out your voice.