All I want for Christmas is….

We hope this holiday season finds you warm and well, with abundant family, friends, and locally-grown food to keep you merry and bright.  This season, we at Illinois Stewardship Alliance wanted to share with you the causes that are closest to our hearts. No matter where you are and what you do, we hope you find joy in the spirit of giving this season and are able to support the causes that are closest to your own hearts.

Lindsay Record, Executive Director, small batch popsicle entrepreneur, fermentation experimentist, collaborator extraordinaire


All I want for Christmas is… an incubator kitchen! Next year I’ll be working with local partners in the Springfield area to leverage resources and secure funding for an incubator kitchen. The kitchen will provide farmers with space to process and preserve their produce, giving them a means to become more economically viable and diversify their products. It will also increase the availability of local food products in our community and provide a space for job development training and cooking classes.

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Woody Woodruff, Conservation Associate, budding bob-cat photographer, pond swimming expert, small grain farmer


All I want for Christmas is… healthy soil. Every year trillions and trillions and trillions of soil organisms in Illinois go hungry for Christmas. Planting cover crops on my farm is the gift that gives my soil organisms a healthy Christmas. God gave me a gift to work in sustainable agriculture and I’m going to pass that gift on. In 2016 I will be training Illinois farmers on a combination of practices, like the no-till and cover crops in my photo, that promote soil health and clean water.

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Molly Gleason, Director of Communications, vegetable enthusiast, aspiring apple cider connoisseur


All I want for Christmas is… more local food on grocery store shelves. Next year I’ll be working with grocers and retailers to find ways to get more local veggies, meats, cheeses, and dairy into the stores where you shop the most.

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Rebecca Osland, Policy Associate, resident herbal remedy guru, former potato harvesting whizz


All I want for Christmas is… a Capital Bill that invests in local foods infrastructure.  I’ll be working on policy initiatives that would make it more economically viable for hardworking Illinois farmers to grow the fresh, healthy, ethically-raised foods that Illinois residents demand, keeping more dollars circulating in our communities.

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Lindsay Miller, Outreach Coordinator, master of large of river ecology, ray of sunshine, rookie goat herd specialist


All I want for Christmas is… kohlrabi, kale, and sunchokes. Next year I’ll be providing samples and recipe cards featuring unique vegetable varieties at farmers markets and health fairs across Illinois to help more people discover the deliciousness of local food.

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Dee Carlson, Office Manager, local wine lover, coolest grandmother award, farmers market shopping professional


All I want for Christmas is… a new desk top computer. As our organization grows and more concerned citizens take an active role in their food system, I need a faster and more efficient version of my 2003 desktop to make sure we can keep everyone involved in our work.

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Thank you for supporting us this season and throughout the year. YOU are the reason we are able to work on the causes that are closest to our hearts and we couldn’t do it without you. It is your constant letters of support, words of encouragement, friendly smiles, and generous gifts that allow us to build a better local food system, and we’re doing it together.

From the bottom of our roots, thank you.

The Staff at Illinois Stewardship Alliance