Alliance Burger: Red, White, and Beef

Summer is here! And if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to wow your guests during your backyard (or indoor) BBQ, Illinois Farmers Today has you covered with an amazing local burger recipe whipped up by our in-house local food gurus, Molly and Liz.

In the spirit of patriotism, they created the Alliance Burger: Red, White, and Beef, featuring strawberry chipotle bbq sauce, white cheddar, and local beef!

All of the ingredients came from area farms and represent the policy victories and issues that the Alliance members have been organizing around!

Strawberry jam from Natural Artistry– a Springfield cottage food vendor. This year Alliance members worked to pass the Home-to-Market Act to support cottage food farmers and bakers and make their products more available to YOU. Huzzah!

Beef from Fifty Four Farms— livestock processing bottlenecks have been a huge issue for small farms across the state. We were lucky to get our hands on local beef, but many farms are still struggling to book dates with processors. A group of Alliance farmers is exploring policy solutions that will help alleviate the bottlenecks.

Flour from Janie’s Farm Organics –one of the few on-farm mills in the state. Once upon a time grain mills abounded across Illinois, but consolidation in the industry has meant the loss of local food infrastructure and the outsourcing of our food production. Farms like Janie’s Mill are paving the way for the comeback.

Cheddar from Ropp Jersey Cheese– another example of a farm leading the way on local food with their on-farm dairy processing. Wisconsin cheese curds have nothing on Ropp.

Lettuce from Mueller Family Farm- produce and flower farmers out of Illini Bluffs. Small produce farms face amazing hurdles in providing their communities with fresh food. Many state and federal programs, like crop insurance, are geared towards supporting commodity production and not set up to support small, diversified farms– but against the odds they’re making it work!

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