Buy Fresh Buy Local Illinois

Buy Fresh Buy Local Illinois is a statewide local food directory and promotion program. We make it easy to find and support local farms and the businesses that carry their products. 

Who We Are

Buy Fresh Buy Local Illinois is a coalition of organizations and agencies across the state committed to working together to build our regional local food economy. Our coalition is led by a Steering Committee of 11 food and farm organizations:

  • Advocates for Urban Agriculture
  • Angelic Organics Learning Center
  • Chicago Food Policy Action Council
  • Family Farmed
  • Food Works
  • Illinois Cooperative Development Center
  • Illinois Farm Bureau
  • Illinois Farmers Market Association
  • Illinois Specialty Crop Growers Association
  • Illinois Stewardship Alliance
  • The Land Connection

What we do:

We bring together farmers, food businesses, organizations, state agencies, and stakeholders across the state to:

  1.  Build the most robust directory of local food businesses in Illinois
  2.  Develop marketing materials and campaigns to connect shoppers to the directory

By combining resources, energy, information, and funding, we’re creating a powerful database of local food businesses in Illinois and a single go-to local food resource for customers.

What we want: 

Our mission is to build vibrant, resilient, and just local food economies across the state by promoting local food and providing the highest level of transparency and traceability to the public. We value diversity, equity, and sustainability in all its forms and applications across the food system.

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