Changes at Illinois Stewardship Alliance

By Andy Heck, Illinois Stewardship Alliance Board President

For the last 10 years, Lindsay Record has been a key part of Illinois Stewardship Alliance, serving as Executive Director for five of those ten years. It’s fair to say that the organization would not be what it is today without her continued leadership and dedication. Therefore, it is with mixed emotions that I announce that Lindsay will be leaving Illinois Stewardship Alliance in early 2017, and the Board has begun a search process for a new Executive Director. While we are sad to see Lindsay go, we are excited about what the new season of change will bring to Illinois Stewardship Alliance.

Lindsay joined as an intern while completing a research project in 2006 and subsequently held positions of Program Coordinator, Executive Director, Program Director and yes, again, Executive Director. Lindsay’s first stint as E.D. ran from 2008-2012. During that time, she worked with the Board to create a strategic plan and grow our conservation, policy advocacy  and local food programs. She stepped down to spend more time with her young children in 2012 and Wes King, who was our Policy Director at the time, was promoted to the position of E.D. Wes served as E.D for three years and Lindsay took on a half-time role, continuing to play an integral part to our organization’s continuity. When Wes received a fantastic opportunity to work for the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition in Washington, DC in December 2015, Lindsay stepped back into the position of E.D., using her knowledge and leadership to insure that the organization would transition smoothly. This year Lindsay, trained new staff, including a policy associate and an office manager. Lindsay also led the organization in taking on a new project, management of the Old Capitol Farmers Market, as well as insured the continued success of our program work and grant management.

Now that all staff are comfortable and competent in their roles and a new strategic plan has given the organization a clearer vision and mission, Lindsay has decided it is time to allow a new leader to guide Illinois Stewardship Alliance into the future. Lindsay will be greatly missed at Illinois Stewardship Alliance, but we know that she will be continuing to support the local, sustainable farming community in Illinois. Lindsay and her entire family practice what they preach, and are a huge asset to the local, sustainable farming community.  Lindsay can make a mean handmade popsicle; milk a goat in the bone chilling cold of February and transform it into cheese, yogurt or kefir; brew kombucha, beer and wine; make bread; wrangle chickens and goats; find “neglected” fruit trees that no one seems to be picking; tend a backyard garden and the family plot out in the sticks; and raise two children all at the same time. We owe Lindsay many thanks for her passion, commitment, and unfailing enthusiasm at Illinois Stewardship Alliance and wish her all happiness and success in her future endeavors.

As the leaves turn their warm autumn color and the seasons begin their slow and inevitable change, I am reminded that all things, no matter how wonderful, must come to an end. And while this end may be bittersweet, it also brings with it the opportunity for new growth and new beginnings. Illinois Stewardship Alliance now seeks a new Executive Director to lead the organization forward into the future. For a full job description and details, click here.

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