The Farmer-to-Farmer Soil Health Series

There’s no one-size fits all model for soil health. Each farmer has to make decisions based on their soil type, landscape, time, and finances. While there’s no perfect prescription, there are plenty of farmers out there figuring out what works best for them. The Alliance captured their stories and experiences on film to create a network of knowledge that farmers can use to learn, grow, and share.

The Farmer to Farm Soil Health Series features 11 videos with 7 REAL farmers from across Illinois who are leveraging conservation practices on their land to build healthy soils, maximize nutrients, and improve their bottom lines.

With the Farmer-to-Farmer Soil Health Series, it’s never been easier to learn the secrets to soil health. In addition, every farmer and soil health speaker featured has agreed to provide their contact information, so if you’ve got additional questions, call them up! We’re building a network of farmers who care about the land and about each other. Will you join us?

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Producers from Confluence Business Advisors line up the camera to capture cover crop farmers speaking to their peers at the 2017 Train the Trainer Workshop.

In an age where the answer to every question in the universe can be in the palm of your hand, farmers who search online for the best conservation practices for their area’s unique soil often come up short. Two years ago, Alliance Conservation Associate Woody Woodruff recognized that resource gap and decided to fill it.

Woody purchased his own video and editing equipment. At every conservation training with a great local farmer speaking, he set up his camera and filmed their talk. He interviewed “Soil Health Champion” farmers to capture their story and their approach to land stewardship. In all, he created over two dozen videos on YouTube with farmers and experts addressing the unique needs of Illinois growers, including:

  • Southern Illinois farmer Junior Upton on how cover crops increase yields on his farm
  • Central Illinois Farmer Jack Erisman on how understanding his soil health shapes his decision-making
  • West-central Illinois farmer Chris Smith on how grazing cattle help with cover crop management

We partnered with an Alton, Illinois firm, Confluence Business Advisers, to help us organize, edit, and package the video series together as a training and educational resource. We are excited to make the series available to farmers, Soil and Water Conservation District staff and partners.

Learn more about our work in our 2017 Annual Report