Farmers Organizing Can Change the Way We Do Food

Local Food Farmers are Banding Together

Local food farmers:

When the pandemic emptied grocery store shelves, you answered the call.

Your local food was there for so many of us, as it had been all along, when we needed it most. You stepped up — growing and distributing local food while facing huge personal and professional challenges.

Now, more than ever, you are being called to lead.

Local Food Farmer Caucus Kick-Off
Wednesday, Dec. 2nd: 4-6pm
Thursday, Dec. 3rd: 4-6pm
Meeting virtually on Zoom
$15: Includes t-shirt and mailed package of event materials.
In order to receive the mailing, you must register by Friday, Nov. 20th.

Scholarships for BIPOC farmers are provided by Chicago Food Policy Action Coalition.

Join us at the Local Food Farmer Caucus Kickoff on Wednesday, Dec 2 and Thursday, Dec. 3.

The pandemic shed light on what we’ve long known: our food system must radically change.

We’ve all watched in horror as essential farm and food workers – disproportionately people of color – were forced to work without proper protection. Many still don’t have the protection they need as a second wave of COVID19 infections races through our communities.

We can no longer accept a food system that exploits black and brown people, destroys natural resources, sickens people, bankrupts farmers, and leaves kids hungry so a handful of corporations hoard runaway profits.

An equitable and regenerative food system is possible.

You are proof a different food system is possible.

Scholarships for BIPOC farmers are provided by Chicago Food Policy Action Coalition.

You spend your days pouring love, sweat, and tears into your soil, nurturing crops and livestock with care and intention. And nights pouring over spreadsheets, orders, and endless email. 

These days, you do it all while dealing with the stress and strain of a global pandemic. It’s hard. Especially when the deck is stacked against you.

Thankfully, you are not alone. 

Farmers just like you tend their fields with the same care, and now they are banding together to demand something better — a system designed to regenerate natural resources and support thriving, equitable communities.

Farmers are building a community from the ground up. You can join in and shape it.

By joining the Local Food Farmer Caucus, you have a seat at the table where decisions are made, discuss pressing issues, design and lead campaigns to win. 

Join us on December 2nd and 3rd as we kick off the Caucus! 

When farmers organize together – backed by an Alliance of eaters who support you – you can make a difference.

We know because we’ve seen it.

Farmers have changed cottage food laws to grow their businesses, brought industrial hemp back to Illinois, streamlined health department regulations at farmers markets – and that’s just the start. 

With you at the table, we can achieve so much more. 

It will take organized farmers and eaters to address the legacy of colonialism, systemic racism, and corporate power that has a stranglehold on the food system.

In partnership with Chicago Food Policy Action Council, scholarships are available to black, Indigenous, and people of color farmers to attend the caucus kickoff.

Scholarships for BIPOC farmers are provided by Chicago Food Policy Action Coalition.

We look forward to seeing you on Dec. 2 and 3. Please reach out to Kathleen Mueller, Policy Organizer by email for more information about the caucus or the kickoff.

REMEMBER! Farmers who register by Friday, November 20th, will be shipped an agenda, background material, an Alliance t-shirt, and great swag for participants. 

Join with Farmers Across the State

The Local Food Farmer Caucus is farmer led, and already farmers from across the state have come together to commit their time and leadership to this cause. When you join the Local Food Farmer Caucus, you’ll be joining with the farmers below: 

  • Cliff McConville, All Grass Farms
  • Jody & Beth Osmund, Cedar Valley Sustainability Farm
  • Chris Trogg, Trogg’s Hollow Farm
  • Jen Miller, Prairie Wind Farm
  • Deborah Niemann-Boehle, Antiquity Oaks
  • Traci Barkley, Sola Gratia Farm
  • Jill Rendellmen, All Seasons Farm
  • Wes Jarrell & Leslie Cooperband, Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery
  • Jeff Hake, Funk’s Grove Heritage Fruits & Grains
  • Andy Hazzard, Hazzard Free Farms
  • Ann Swanson, Hendrick House Farm