FarmFED Cooperative: You can get a new local food processing facility off the ground.

Central Illinois FarmFED Cooperative banner

Pledge your support for FarmFED Co-op, the first fresh food processing facility in the region.

The Alliance thought you might like to hear about a new cooperative local food processing facility in Central Illinois – and how you can help get it off the ground!

The Farm-Fresh Enterprise Development Cooperative, or FarmFED Co-op, will bridge the gap between growers and eaters who want more access to local food.

FarmFED plans to purchase the former Johnson True Value Hardware Store in Mt. Pulaski and convert it into a facility for processing and freezing produce with a commercial kitchen and 4,000 square feet of cold storage.

This facility will be the first of its kind in Central Illinois.

FarmFED will help farmers process bulk produce so they can sell it to larger buyers like schools, hospitals, and retail grocery stores.

There was a time when communities across Illinois had grain mills, canneries, butcher shops, and all the food processing infrastructure we needed to feed ourselves. But through a combination of consolidation and misguided policy, that local food infrastructure disappeared.

This processing facility will help you more easily find and buy food grown in Central Illinois!

And the best part is — it’s a cooperative — which means it is community-owned by people like you who want to breathe new life and health into our communities.

Alliance members Katie Funk, Jeff Hake, Tom Martin, Kyle Reed, Cassidy Dellorto-Blackwell, among others — are the driving force behind FarmFED.

They have initiated an ownership drive to raise $100,000 in pledges by October 1st. This will complement $500,000 in start up grants and low interest loans.

You can help get the new processing facility off the ground by making a pledge at a $100, $500, or $1,000 level (or more).

Your share, no matter the amount, makes a big impact. As a co-op owner, you’ll also have the ability to vote on the future of the cooperative.

You’ll see the return on your FarmFED investment with more local food on grocery stores shelves, in schools, hospitals, and other retailers.

You can learn more and make a pledge at the FarmFED Facebook page.