At Illinois Stewardship Alliance, we believe everyone should have access to wholesome, locally grown food and the farmers, land, and animals responsible for providing that food should be treated with respect. But both family farmers and everyday citizens must overcome many challenges to make that happen, from farm policies that unjustly burden small farmers to economic issues that prevent wholesome food from making it to the people who need it most.  You can help though! Become a memberor make a donation today!

Illinois Stewardship Alliance is a 501c3 charitable nonprofit; contributions are tax-deductible.-

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To make a lasting impact on Illinois food systems, we need to address the system as a whole, from the way farmers view conservation practices, to the way citizens view buying food, to the way policy makers view farming and food production. Each part of the system depends on the other, and we cannot make lasting changes without addressing all of them. Illinois Stewardship Alliance is the only statewide non-profit organization that is fighting to make changes on all three fronts: policy advocacy, conservation education, and local food promotion.

With your donation, we will continue our work to increase conservation practices among farmers that will protect our soil and water, we will continue to open new markets for small farmers and increase access to local food, we will continue to teach present and future generations the importance of local food and sustainable living and how to incorporate them into their own lives, and we will continue to fight for fair food and farm policies that support our family farmers and make good food available for all.