Soil Health Caucus

Join farmers across the state

Are you a farmer or advocate that’s passionate about soil health and land stewardship? Are you looking to connect with others that share your passion?

If you answered yes, then the Soil Health Caucus is right for you!

The Soil Health Caucus brings together Alliance members who use soil health and regenerative practices to build a supportive community, organize together, and grow the movement for soil health in Illinois.

What is a caucus?

The word “caucus” has Native American origins as the Algonquian word for “counsel.” We would like to think of the Soil Health Caucus as being counselors and advisers, not just to the Alliance, but to each other, because Soil Health farmers know what it takes to improve soil health and ensure farm profitability for years to come.

The Caucus is under Farmer-led Leadership: 

Ariel Zimmerlain and Steve Buxton were voted in to Co-chair the Caucus.

Ariel is a fifth generation farmer in Marseilles, where she owns and operates AZ Farm & Wellness, a regenerative, therapeutic farm and health coaching service. Ariel says “I feel my connections as a farmer, a scientist, and a health coach has given me a holistic experience into seeing how the health of the soil is the foundation to crop and human health. It is my intention as Chair to conduct the position with the committee in steering the organization to be in the highest good for all life on the planet and especially for the foundation of life of which we all stand on.”

Fifth generation farmer Steve Buxton, hails from Sullivan where he owns and operates a 400 acre organic farm, Two Mile Creek Organic Farms. Steve Buxton and Two Mile Creeks Organic Farms mission to help empower other farmers in taking ownership of change on their own farms and community. Steve has worked with the Alliance over the last year through hosting field days, supporting the organization, attending storytelling training and you may remember his story from the 2020 Springfield Annual meeting. 

Their unique backgrounds and desire to further the soil health movement was recognized by the group — the end result was a tie! We are lucky to have both of these dedicated soil health farmers to lead the caucus. 

Why should I join the caucus?

For too long decisions have been made without farmers at the table. This caucus changes that. When we work as one collective, farmer-led voice, together we can change mindsets and create a stronger soil health movement.   You can count on the Alliance Soil Health Caucus for opportunities to:

  • Meet and network with other like-minded farmers who share your passion for soil health,
  • Sharpen your skills as a leader of a soil health movement, and
  • Get the latest insider intel on programs and policies that impact soil health and stewardship.
  • Take action on soil health legislation that matters to you

We look to Soil Health in the Caucus to weigh in on our advocacy agenda to promote soil health, drive adoption of cover crops and continuous living cover, solve nutrient pollution, and educate decision-makers on issues that impact farmers.

How do I join?

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New Members:

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