Get Spicy with State Rep. Will Guzzardi

With your help, we’ll make State Rep. Will Guzzardi sweat!

Earlier this year, members of Illinois Stewardship Alliance partnered with Rep. Guzzardi to pass the Home-to-Market Act, new legislation that helps small farms and food businesses reach new customers by creating sweeping reforms to cottage food law. 

The new law will go into effect on January 1st, and now we’re teaming up with Rep. Guzzardi again to make sure cottage food businesses get the resources they need. 

You can help by donating to “Hot Ones: Cottage Food Edition with Rep. Will Guzzardi.”

During this fundraising event, modeled after the popular YouTube series “Hot Ones,” we’ll interview Rep. Guzzardi about the cottage food industry, exciting new changes for small businesses, and how people power makes a difference, all while he eats progressively hotter hot sauces made by farmers and cottage food producers across Illinois!

Your donation of any size will determine the level of heat on those hot wings — 10 donors for mild, 50 for medium, 75 for medium hot, 100 hot, and 200 donors for five-alarm fire!

All donations will support the Alliance’s work to produce a new and improved cottage food guide, provide technical assistance to cottage food producers, and continue to bring farmers and eaters together to solve problems in the food system.

With your help, we’ll bring the heat, Rep. Guzzardi is bringing the knowledge!

Grab your friends, make a donation, and tune in to the Alliance’s Facebook Page at 7pm on Tuesday, November 30th for a good cause and good old-fashioned fun.