Take Action! Tell state leaders you want local, healthy, fair, humane, and sustainable food

Help the Food Food Purchasing Policy pass! Picture is a young girl in a cafeteria holding a plate of local food smiling while others are being served behind her.
This action is from the Alliance partnered with Chicago Food Policy Action Council, the Illinois Environmental Council, and the HEAL Food Alliance.

Good Food = Local, Healthy, Fair, Humane, and Sustainable

You can help shift millions of taxpayer dollars toward local, fair, healthy, humane, and sustainable farms and businesses.

Illinois spends millions to procure food for public institutions such as veterans homes, hospitals, universities, schools, and prisons every year. Yet the public knows little about how this money is spent and what kinds of business it supports.

There is no mechanism for tracking how much, if any, is invested in local or sustainable food businesses. Too often, out-of-state corporations win huge food contracts with no accounting of nutrition, quality, fair wages, and humane practices – only the lowest bid.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can help Illinois adopt a new, transparent, and transformative purchasing policy that builds wealth and public health.

Urge your state legislators to co-sponsor the Good Food Purchasing Task Force Resolution.

HJR33 would create a task force of state leaders and agency officials to assess state food procurement practices and lay the groundwork for a new procurement policy based on the Good Food Purchasing Policy framework.

The Good Food Purchasing Policy (GFPP) is a framework that encourages state agencies and institutions to purchase food not only on the lowest price bid, but on five key values: local, fair, healthy, humane, and sustainable.

With GFPP, agencies report their purchasing practices annually, receive a report card that is available to the public, and are provided with support to help make improvements.

Eight cities across the country have passed a Good Food Purchasing Policy, including the City of Chicago in 2017 and Cook County in 2018, which has the potential to shift over $300 million in food procurement annually to businesses that meet those five values.

Your taxpayer dollars have the power to transform the food and agriculture landscape.

A statewide Good Food Purchasing Policy can:

  • encourage sustainable practices that build climate resilience,
  • support living wages,
  • prioritize nutrition and public health,
  • grow small farms and food businesses, and
  • build a more equitable and just food system.

You deserve to know how your taxpayer money is being spent. And Illinoisans deserve a food procurement policy that reinvests in Illinois.

Ask your legislator to co-sponsor the Good Food Purchasing Task Force HJR33.

We’ll stay in touch about further opportunities for you to take action throughout the legislative process. Stay tuned!