TAKE ACTION! Urge Governor Pritzker to Support Cottage Food

Urge Gov. Pritzker to sign the Home-to-Market Act; Pictured, multicolored syrups and shrubs from Glacier's End, Williamsville Co. IL

You can support small farms and food businesses in your community

With your support, Alliance members worked with the General Assembly this Spring to unanimously pass the Home-to-Market Act SB2007.

This exciting new legislation helps farmers and food entrepreneurs grow a business from their home kitchen and gives Illinois shoppers greater access to support their neighbors and enjoy all the unique, local, and artisan foods that Illinois has to offer.

Now the bill is headed to the Governor’s desk.

You can help get that legislation across the finish line.

With a quick click, you can send a message urging Governor Pritzker to sign the Home-to-Market Act to support hundreds of small businesses and grow the local food economy.

Supporting cottage food businesses means supporting farmers; it means supporting women-owned businesses; it means supporting scale appropriate regulations that enable people of all income-levels, but especially those who are socially disadvantaged, to start and grow a business; it means keeping food dollars local; it means reinvesting in Illinois communities. And it means laying the groundwork for a food secure Illinois, where Illinois farms and food businesses can feed Illinois.

Illinois is just one step away from new and better regulations for cottage food businesses. You can help by contacting the Governor today.

Thank you for supporting small farmers and food businesses,