TAKE ACTION: 2 minutes to help the Home-to-Market Act

Help Local Farms & Food Businesses Grow! Photo of cottage food producer Glaciers End's home kitchen made syrups. Four bottle of multiple flavors and colors on a farmers market stand in fall.

You care about small farms and home-based food businesses. You want to grow the local food economy. You want to support women entrepreneurs and level the playing field for low-income entrepreneurs. Now you can help!

On Monday, the Home-to-Market Act HB2615 will be heard in the state House Consumer Protection Committee. Before the bill can move forward, it must be passed by the committee.

Legislators in the Consumer Protection Subcommittee need to hear from you!

Put your support on record: click the link to file a witness slip now.

A strong showing of witness slips in favor of the Home-to-Market Act shows legislators that this is an important issue. Filing a witness slip is easy – it takes two minutes, fill out a simple form, and you will make an impact.

The deadline to submit your witness slip is 4:00pm on Monday, March 22nd.

Don’t delay, take 2 minutes right now to show your support.

How to file a Witness Slip

A “witness slip” is a person’s or group’s position on a particular bill in the legislature. Here’s how you can file a witness slip to support the Home to Market Act:

  1. Click this link for HB2615 in the Consumer Protection Committee on March 22nd.
  2. Fill out the witness slip form.
  3. Under Representation, enter “Self”.
  4. Under Position, mark “Proponent”.
  5. Under Testimony, mark “Record of appearance only.”
  6. Then click “Create slip” to submit.

It’s that easy!

Once you submit the witness slip, you’ll receive an email confirming that your witness slip will now appear on the record for legislators to review.

2 minutes right now will make a big impact for the future of many small farms and food businesses. File your witness slip today!

You can learn more about the Home to Market Act sponsored by Rep. Will Guzzardi. It is endorsed by a growing list of supporters including:

  • Chicago Food Policy Action Council
  • Elawa Farm Foundation
  • Food Works
  • Illinois Environmental Council
  • Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship
  • Northwest Illinois Economic Development
  • The Conservation Foundation
  • The Land Connection
  • The South Loop Farmers Market
  • The Resiliency Institute

Keep checking this space about further opportunities to take action throughout the legislative process. If and when it passes the House committee, we will be in touch to ask you to file a witness slip in the Senate committee. Stay tuned!

Thanks for using your voice!