Help farmers like Kaitie solve climate change

The Harvest Auction is now open and features amazing items like this Virtual “No Fear” Fermentation Class with Farmer Kaitie Adams of Red Crib Acres, who will teach you everything you need to know to create safe, delicious, and healthy ferments right at home. 

As a farmer, Kaitie Adams knows her business is completely dependent on climate, and the climate is changing. 

Already Kaitie is feeling the impact of increasingly adverse weather on her apple and elderberry harvests, and she’s worried about the long-term effects, not only for her business, but her community. 

Kaitie is doing everything she can to make her farm more resilient by putting in place conservation practices that will help slow the changing climate for us all. 

She’s working with the Savanna Institute to plant trees and develop permaculture cropping systems that sink carbon. These climate-friendly practices have the added bonus of supporting wildlife and clean water. 

This summer, she took Senator Scott Bennett on a tour of her farm to show him how her conservation practices work and advocate for state support to help more farmers put climate-friendly practices into place. 

Senator Scott Bennett met with Kaitie and Alliance staff during a legislative farm tour this summer where she advocated for policies that build the health and wealth of Illinois.

Farm tours like the one Kaitie hosted are how we move forward the conversation to shift policy so Illinois farmers can earn a living responsibly stewarding the land, and Illinois communities can benefit from clean water and stable climate.

Legislators tell us that these firsthand experiences help them understand the issues farmers face.

You can support more farm tours and farmer leaders like Kaitie by making a bid on great items in our Harvest Auction.

We recommend the Virtual “No Fear” Fermentation class hosted by Kaitie! Fermentation is a delicious way to preserve the harvest and build a healthy immune system, and Kaitie is an amazing teacher and fermentation expert. 

She’ll walk you through the steps for easily and safely fermenting at home, and you’ll leave with recipes and inspiration so that you can start enjoying home-made ferments right away. 

There’s tons of other great items in the auction.  To start bidding, simply create a free account with Handbid. You won’t be charged unless you win. 

Shop our Harvest Auction for unique local gifts for the holidays, Thanksgiving turkeys or Passover lambs, farm-to-table dinner experiences, or family friendly farm tours. 

Your bid helps build collective power to bring farmers and eaters together, shift policy, and create a more just and regenerative food and farm system.

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