House Farm Bill Voted Down

On May 18th, the House of Representatives voted down the House Farm Bill, with 30 House Republicans joining every Democrat in voting ‘no.’ Thank you to every one of our members, allies and supporters who called, emailed, wrote letters and met with Illinois’ Representatives.

If you’re curious how your member of Congress voted, here is a list of how Illinois representatives voted. It’s a great time to thank the members who listened to our concerns and voted no.

Defeating the House Farm Bill was a bittersweet victory because we know that now there may not be enough time for Congress to re-write a better farm bill before the current bill expires on Sept. 30, 2018. But this House bill was considered the worst farm bill ever. That’s why the Alliance joined hundreds of organizations across the nation– spanning sectors, issues, and regions—on a letter asking Congress to oppose the Farm Bill.

The latest speculation is that the House will return for a vote on the farm bill on June 22. So there’s nearly a month to make the critical fixes to the ways the House Farm Bill falls short:

  • Guts local food – the House Farm Bill abandons local farmers by cutting all funding for several programs that invest in helping farmers connect to local and regional buyers and in improving healthy food access.
  • Fails beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers – the House bill misses the mark by failing to invest more in beginning farmers, military veteran farmers, and farmers of color. With the average age of farmers continuing to rise, the status quo is not enough to ensure the success of these key farmer communities.
  • Eliminates conservation resources for farmers – the House bill erases support for resource stewardship on 70 million acres (that’s an area the size of Nevada!) of working farm and ranchland by completely eliminating the Conservation Stewardship Program. CSP is popular with Illinois farmers for its ability to improve soil, water, and profitability.

In addition to all of this, this Farm Bill makes major changes to the SNAP (food stamp) program that will harm families and children, removing over 2 million people from the program.

The Farm Bill only comes up for a vote in Congress every five years. It’s important we get it right.

The next few months are a great opportunity to get together and take action. If you haven’t already, come Dish with us on the Farm Bill or consider hosting your own. We’ve made it so easy to host your own with our all-in-one guide.

Saturday, June 2, 5-7:30pm
Radical Root Farm
31330 N IL RT 21, Libertyville IL 60048

Wednesday, June 13, 5:00pm
Jackson Avenue Coffee House
Contact Faith in Place for more details

Thursday, June 14, 5:30pm
Riggs Beer Company
Contact Faith in Place for more details
In the past couple of months, we’ve meet around kitchen tables, living rooms, farms, classrooms, and libraries.

We defeated the House Farm bill once, now we need to defeat it once and for all – during the Alliance membership drive this month, consider becoming a member to support our work, help us win the fight for a pro-farmer, pro-family, pro-environment 2018 Farm Bill.