Illinois Farmers Resilience Fund

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UPDATE: The Resilience Fund recipients have been announced!  

With financial support from the Chicago Region Food System Fund, the Alliance launched the new Resilience Fund to help Illinois farms invest in critical infrastructure to scale up and adapt their business models. The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically increased demand for locally produced food in Illinois. With the right investment in on-farm infrastructure now, local food producers can leverage this moment to expand the supply and diversity of local food. 

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The deadline to apply is July 28 at 5 PM CST. All applications will be reviewed after the application deadline by the Review Committee composed of agriculture and food specialists from across the state. If granted, funds will be disbursed by August 20, 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact Ana at, 847-920-6062. 

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Resilience Fund Press Release

Additional Grant Opportunity

The Chicago Region Food System Fundis accepting applications from non-profit organizations responding to the impacts of COVID-19 on Chicago region communities and the local food economy. With an initial investment of $4.2M, the Fund focuses on hunger and business disruption in the local food system—from production to processing to distribution to consumption—in an area approximately 200 miles from Chicago. 
Apply by July 29, 2020 at