In case you missed it: Hot Ones Cottage Food Edition

Your special opportunity to reach 5-Alarm Fire

Did you catch last night’s live broadcast of Hot Ones: Cottage Food Edition? 

During the show, celebrity guest State Rep. Will Guzzardi and our Deputy Director Molly Pickering sampled 5 sufferingly spicy hot sauces made by local farms and cottage food businesses across Illinois– all in the name of raising funds to support small businesses and local food systems!

Viewers at home determined the level of heat with their donations: 10 donations for mild, 50 for medium, 75 for medium-hot, 100 for hot, and 200 donations for five alarm-fire. 

Thanks to 117 donations, supporters unlocked one of our hottest hot sauces: Crimson Regret.

You can catch the hilarious interview by clicking on the video above. But there’s still one hot sauce left! 

Our sixth and hottest hot sauce is the Wolf Rayet made by Glacier’s End Farm. 

This frighteningly fiery sauce is named after the final explosion of a massive dying star — a Wolf Rayet. If that’s not an indication of the level of heat, we don’t know what is. 

During the broadcast, Rep. Guzzardi made a surprise announcement – if we reach 150 donations by Friday, he agreed to taste fiery Wolf Rayet. 

When we reach our goal with your help, Rep. Guzzardi and Molly will share a video of their Wolf Rayet tasting. 

Donations can be made until 5pm THIS Friday. We are just 33 donations shy of 150! 

Will you help us get there?

Thank you to those of you who have already made a gift, helping raise over $2,000.

Every donation will support our work to bring farmers and eaters together to solve problems, build power, and shift policy for a more just and regenerative food system.

You can also support local farms and businesses by shopping local. Find links below to all of the products featured in our Hot Ones event. Check out their many local products– from hot sauces and crackers, to jams, ferments, cocktail mixes and beyond– and plan your purchase today!

D20 Peppers


The Mad Farmer’s Garden

Glacier’s End

Funks Groves Heritage Fruits and Grains

Kilgus Farmstead. 

You can watch the full Hot Ones video here, and then help get us to 150 donations here.