ISA Grows Community-Based Agriculture

Illinois Stewardship Alliance is pleased to be a recipient of an USDA Community Food Project grant award. The grant awards allows us to work with a diverse set of local community members to develop a three-year plan called the Springfield Urban Agriculture Implementation Plan focused on the East side of Springfield, Illinois, a community with high poverty rates and limited food access.

The plan will provide low-income households with the means to grow some of their own food and provide families with skills training in food preparation and job seekers with training and employment opportunities in agriculture, culinary arts, food service, and related fields.

The project will also help to develop an urban agriculture incubator project. Lindsay Record, Program Director with the Illinois Stewardship Alliance says that the CFP award “allows us to do something that we have wanted to do for years – bring together key community members working on community gardens and workforce development, to build healthy communities and empower low-income families.”

The Community Food Project program seeks to fight hunger and food insecurity through community-driven food systems, specifically in low-income communities.  A total of $4.87 million in funding were granted to the new awardees, whose projects include community gardens, a food distribution network for local farmers, and youth run farm stands, among others

A full list of grant awards is available here: