ISA Hires New Conservation Associate

woodySay hi to Robert “Woody” Woodruff, Illinois Stewardship Alliance’s newest staff member. Woody started on Nov. 4 as our conservation associate, where he’ll be helping farmers implement conservation practices that will ensure the health of the soil for generations. Woody’s worked in conservation for more than two decades, and has done everything from train agricultural workers in Africa about crop rotation to running the Woodruff Family Farm in Modesto Illinois. You can email Woody at or call him at 217-528-1563.

“I chose to work for the Illinois Stewardship Alliance because of their grassroots approach of linking good food to good farmers. I feel this should be every producer’s goal. My mission statement is to link farmers with the information and resources they need to make good positive choices in managing our resources in a way that will carry my sons and your sons and daughters into a healthy future,” Woody said.

Woody’s farm consists of 100 acres of cropland with 50 acres in a corn, soybean & wheat rotation, utilizing cover crops in that rotation. The remaining cropland has been restored into a prairie/savanna restoration which is protecting four acres of wetlands. Woody has inter-planted fruit and nut trees into his six acres of pasture. The remaining 50 acres of the land is maintained in timber.

In addition to working the land, Woody’s been working in the conservation field since the late 1980s. During his time as a Peace Corps volunteer Woody taught farmers in West Africa about crop rotations, new irrigation techniques and other conservation practices. He’s also worked at Sangamon County Soil & Water District, testing different best management practices, improving the water quality through conservation techniques and promoting conservation programs.

“We couldn’t be happier to have Woody working at Illinois Stewardship Alliance,” Wes King, Illinois Stewardship Alliance’s executive director said. “He’s depth of experience in the conservation world as well as his passion for sustainable farming will help Illinois Stewardship Alliance continue to help educate farmers about new and innovative conservation practices.”

Woody will be getting the word out about different conservation practices and programs throughout the state. If you’ve got a question about sustainable agriculture, give Woody a call, if he can’t answer your question, he’ll gladly direct you to someone who can.