ISA honors four lifetime members


Illinois Stewardship Alliance planted four fruit trees at Hope Institute for Children and Families in Springfield Monday in honor of four lifetime members. Lifetime members have made a one-time contribution of at least $1,000 to the Illinois Stewardship Alliance.

The trees planted were in honor of Illinois Stewardship Alliance members Deanna Glosser, Sister Julia Huiskamp, John Record and John Curtis.

“To find an organization that helps with, and understands what the local producers need and works on policy issues to strengthen the local food system is so incredibly important,” Deanna Glosser, ISA’s most recent lifetime member, said. “It’s one thing to get grants to do projects but it’s really very hard to keep money coming in to just keep the lights on and make sure the executive director gets paid. To me, membership, whatever you can afford to pay, is vital.”

Illinois Stewardship Alliance, which gets the majority of its funding through various grants, uses membership dues to fund work that is wanted and needed, but not covered by grants.

“The monetary support from these lifetime members is vital because it gives us flexibility in addressing issues that arise without notice or in areas that our usual sources of income do not cover,” Illinois Stewardship Alliance Interim Executive Director Wes King said. “But the donations are just as important to the morale of ISA. Knowing that there are people who are willing to give such significant gifts reinforces the importance of the day-to-day work we do.”

ISA is searching for new lifetime members in an effort to be able to quickly respond to members’ needs, and is incorporating that search into its upcoming membership drive, which starts May 15. Be on the lookout for further updates regarding the membership drive, and in the meantime, anyone interested in giving to or joining the Illinois Stewardship Alliance can call 217-528-1563 or email