Local Food Awareness Day Success

On Wednesday, March 26, thirty-five farmers, foodies, and citizens gathered at the capitol to support local food policy and speak with their representatives about pressing local food reforms as part of ISA’s 5th Annual Local Food Awareness Day.
The day began with a welcoming address from Representative Mike Tryon, a key supporter of local food policies at the capitol. The address was followed by lobby training and a discussion of this year’s important pieces of legislation:
  • House Bill 5657/Senate Bill 3380: Aims to create consistent and uniform regulations for farmers’ markets throughout the state, including a simplified process for offering samples, as well as creating new labeling requirements to help consumers identify “re-sellers” at the farmers’ markets.
  • House Bill 5907: Aims to create a new microloan program for beginning farmers
  • Senate Bill 1666: Aims to mandates the labeling of genetically modified food.
  • House Bill 4036: Aims to ban the sale of raw milk throughout Illinois (opposed)
IMG_0155After the discussion, participants fueled up on a lunch of local foods provided by American Harvest Eatery and then descended upon the capitol to track down and speak with representatives and distribute local Illinois honey to help lawmakers keep local food policies in the forefront of their minds. Overall, the day was a huge success, and many of the participants had the opportunity to speak directly to their representatives.  Read More
Weren’t able to join us for Local Food Awareness Day? You can still do your part by emailing your legislators now and asking them to support Smarter Rules for Farmers Markets.