Band of Farmers

Band of Farmers: The Chicagoland CSA Coalition

band of farmers

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and is a partnership between farms and consumers that usually takes the form of a weekly box of vegetables during the growing season. That partnership keeps small-scale farms thriving, helps families eat fresh, seasonal, local produce, and charges farmers and consumers with the responsibility of building a strong, equitable food system. CSA is much more than a weekly delivery of food; it’s a powerful investment in your health, community, and local economy.

Band of Farmers: The Chicagoland CSA Coalition, is a CSA Association—a project coordinated and sponsored by Illinois Stewardship Alliance—that enables farmers to tap into a larger segment of Chicago’s population. The CSA association is modeled to some extent on the Madison, Wisconsin-based FairShare CSA Coalition (formerly Madison Area CSA Coalition, or MACSAC),, a longstanding CSA association with a wide variety of offerings for CSA farms, rooted primarily in consumer education, promotion, and accessibility of CSAs to people of all incomes.

Robin Schirmer
Project Coordinator