Looking for Factory Free Meat, Dairy, and Eggs? There’s an App for that.

The “Illinois Guide to Factory Free Meat, Dairy & Eggs” Now Available for iOS and Android Phones. 

crate free app

Crate Free Illinois, the Illinois nonprofit working to educate consumers on where their meat comes from, announced today that its free mobile app, “Crate Free Illinois,”is now available from the Apple App Store and Google Play

The mobile app is the first of its kind to help Illinois consumers achieve what they are increasingly demanding – more local options to purchase meat, poultry, dairy and eggs from farmers who treat their animals humanely and do not participate in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs).  The app enables consumers to instantly locate nearby farmers, farmers markets, and Community Supported Agriculture shares (CSAs) as well as learn how to volunteer and support the organization’s efforts.

“Many consumers are completely unaware of how their bacon or scrambled egg got to their plate,” explains Crate Free Illinois founder, Jessica Chipkin.  “Once consumers are made aware of these practices, we believe they will demand more humane alternatives.

“Our app gives consumers an opportunity to support local farmers as well as alternatives to supermarket brands that still have gestation crates and battery cages in their supply chains.”

“Crate Free Illinois is the perfect example of a great cause empowered by technology to advance its mission,” states David Jelinek, founder and CEO of Creatix, the Chicago-based digital product firm that has produced the app. “While most nonprofits use social media to drive traffic to their websites or raise money, this organization is leveraging technology more strategically to expedite the speed at which it raises awareness and enables supporters to further its goal.”

“More and more consumers want to know where their food comes from and whether it was raised humanely and sustainably,” says Norbert Brauer, President of Illinois Farmers Union. “As an organization that supports traditional family agriculture, Illinois Farmers Union supports Crate Free Illinois’ initiative to connect consumers to independent family farmers.”

“This app is the newest tool to help busy Illinois families support local farmers – rather than factory farms – with their food dollars,” adds Karen Hudson, Founder of Illinois Citizens for Clean Air and Water. “When made aware, most consumers prefer not to support a system of agriculture that destroys our environment, promotes the spread of deadly, antibiotic-resistant superbugs, and causes needless pain and suffering of farm animals.”

In order to identify local farmers who do not use extreme confinement practices, a team of Crate Free volunteers spent six months curating data from select food sustainability websites, gathering information from local agricultural nonprofits, and networking at events. The app will continue to be updated with more farmers, and future releases will include restaurants and retail brands in Illinois.

About Crate Free Illinois
Crate Free Illinois is an Illinois-based, not-for-profit animal welfare organization. Formed earlier this year, Crate Free IL’s mission is to educate consumers about the extreme confinement of factory farm animals and support legislative change to ban gestation crates, battery cages and veal crates. Learn more at http://www.CrateFreeIL.org or follow at facebook.com/Cratefreeillinois or twitter at @CrateFreeIL