Make a Nomination for the 2015 Golden Beet Awards

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The Golden Beet is an award to recognize those outstanding individuals, organizations, and businesses that are paving the way for local food system development in Illinois. That might entail anyone from the classroom teacher who is starting up her own school garden, to the restaurant whose core value is to buy locally produced food, to the activist group fighting for fair local food policy rights, or even the blogger providing local food recipes and gardening tips for the community. Making a nomination is easy, simply fill out a quick form and write a short description about the person/entity you are nominating and why you believe they deserve a Golden Beet. Six Golden Beets will be awarded each year under the following categories: Farm to School, Restaurants and Institutions, Community Food Projects, Innovative Farmer, Scaling Up, and Other Varieties. The deadline for nomination is November 1st, and awards will be presented at the ISA Annual Meeting in December.

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Show some love for those pioneers who are working hard to bring you fresh, wholesome, delicious local food, and make a nomination today.