Need a grant? Michael Fields Agriculture Institute can help with that.

grantThe Michael Fields Agricultural Institute (MFAI) is offering free Grants Advising services to farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs across the Midwest. While their services are open to all farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs, priority is given to beginning farmers, limited resource farmers, socially disadvantaged farmers and/or military veterans, as well as young organizations working with these farmers.

MFAI’s Grants Advisor can help you apply to grant, loan, and cost-share programs of state or federal sources that could help you with specific projects to develop your agricultural, forestry or related business.  Their Grants Advisor helps you identify funding programs that best fits your goals and can help outline a plan of work to meet the application deadline and all application requirements.  If no funding programs are available for your specific goals, she will suggest other resources you may choose to approach. Examples might be federal, state or local loan programs, loan guarantees, as well as resource information and resource persons.

The Advisor will help you identify local partners (agency staff, nonprofit organizations, or local volunteers with experience in grants and project management) to strengthen your project, to help you complete the proposal, and, if funding is awarded, to manage the project.

Anyone can ask to be on the Advisor’s email list to get funding program announcements as soon as possible. For more information and to be on the e-list, please contact MFAI’s Grants Advisor, Deirdre Birmingham, at or (608) 219-4279.  Also for Grant Resources visit: .

*Grants Advising is a project launched and supported by the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute since 2007.  Historically funded by Farm Aid, USDA’s Rural Development Agency and the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program,, starting in fall of 2014, Wisconsin Farmers Union is a project partner, offering financial support for our work with Wisconsin farmers.