New Farmers’ Market Food Safety Guide

The Farmers Market Food Safety Guide was developed to provide standards, guidelines and consistent information to Illinois vendors and farmers  market managers to provide fresh, safe and quality food to the consumer.    The Farmers Market Food Safety Guide represents a collaborative effort between the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Division of Food, Drugs and Dairies and the Illinois Farmers Market Task Force—a joint membership of representatives from county farmers markets, agricultural production associations and local health departments.

In an effort to bolster local food entrepreneurship while ensuring food safety, the Farmers Market Food Safety Guide offers advice on food items that may be sold, conditions that must be met at the point of sale and helpful tips on food safety. The guide also contains information regarding some of the risks involved with foods often distributed at farmers markets and basic guidance on safe transportation, delivery and display of foods. Continue Reading.

Illinois Farmers’ Market Food Safety Guide
IFMA Foody Safety Guide


Original article posted by Pat Stieren, 03/25/14, Illinois Farmers’ Market Association Website