TAKE ACTION: Urge your Legislator to support Illinois’ sustainable farmers

Urge your legislator to sponsor the Partners for Nutrient Loss Reduction Act

You can help Illinois sustainable farmers have the resources and support they need to protect soil and our drinking water from farm pollution.

The Partners for Nutrient Loss Reduction Act (HB 1792/SB 2474) will provide funding for state and county programs and technical assistance to tackle water pollution from farm runoff. 

Funding for the state’s conservation program is set to expire this summer. This bill will extend funding through 2027 and add new resources to boost our state’s strategy to reduce farm nutrient pollution.

Illinois is one of the largest contributors of pollution that flows down the Mississippi River and has created a massive dead zone in the Gulf. When it rains, excess fertilizer runs off of farm fields into our waterways. 

Farmers who adopt sustainable practices like cover crops can reduce the need for fertilizer and ensure it reaches the crops instead of running off into our water, but those conservation practices can be difficult and costly without support and technical assistance.

You can help Illinois farmers looking to incorporate more sustainable practices and ensure robust state action to protect our drinking water. 

Urge your state legislators to sponsor the Partners for Nutrient Loss Reduction Act.

The best news: the conservation practices farmers use to reduce runoff can have the added benefit of storing climate-warming carbon. Win-win-win.

Thank you for using your voice!

You can join us to talk to state lawmakers about sustainable agriculture and protecting our water and soil at our Food and Farm Week of Action on April 19-22.