Nominate a Board Member!

A graphic designer, a CEO, three farmers and a historian walk into a local brewery…It would be funny if it wasn’t the truth about the Illinois Stewardship Alliance’s board!

Our board is a diverse combination of folks from many walks of life – all committed to local food systems, sustainable agriculture, food access and the environment.

In order to keep doing the work we do and making a difference to Illinois farmers and consumers, Illinois Stewardship Alliance’s board needs committed and motivated folks just like you to help steer and inform the organization’s work. This summer, Illinois Stewardship Alliance is accepting nominations to the board from the general membership.

Nominating a board member is simple.

1.) Identify someone you think will make a great board member
2.) Tell that person that you intend nominating them
3.) Email Rob Davies at or call the Illinois Stewardship Alliance office at 217-528-1563 with the name and contact info of your candidate.

Once Illinois Stewardship Alliance has received all nominations, the candidates will be slated and members will cast their votes for board members by mail-in ballot in the fall, ahead of the annual Harvest Celebration.

So what do board members do? What are the time commitments?

1.) Board meetings: Board members must attend four board meetings through the course of the year. Two of these meetings are in-person meetings and the remaining meetings are phone-in. The in-person meetings generally last for about six hours, while the call-in meetings run for around two hours.

2.) Committees: Board members may be elected to serve on committees. Committees generally meet four times a year – usually by teleconference for about an hour.

3.) Membership drives: Board members are important drivers of membership and participate in an annual membership drive phone bank.

4.) Skills, networks and knowledge: Board members should be willing to share their expertise, skills and networks in order to help Illinois Stewardship Alliance continue working for farmers, consumers, and the environment.

If you or someone you know could be an asset to Illinois Stewardship Alliance, please nominate them for a board position. We would love to have creative, committed, and enthusiastic new board members to continue directing our organization’s work!