Good local food and farm policy can help grow local food systems in many ways. By creating regulations that expand the sales of locally produced foods, offering programs and technical assistance for beginning farmers, and creating programs to connect underserved communities with fresh, healthy local fruits and vegetables – policies have supported the growth of local food systems. Policy reforms are needed to overcome barriers and require active and engaged stakeholders to bring change. Illinois Stewardship Alliance (ISA) is working hard to drive policy change. ISA represents sustainable agriculture, family farms, and local food producers to policymakers in Springfield and Washington. ISA tracks legislation; supporting good policy and opposing bad policy that promotes sustainable agriculture and local foods. ISA also organizes an annual lobby day to bring local food and sustainable agriculture consumers, advocates, and producers together with their legislators.

State Policy and Legislation

2014 Legislation

2013 Legislation

2012 Legislation

Illinois’ Cottage Food Law

Grassroots Policy Advisory Committee

The Illinois Local Food, Farms, and Jobs Act

To represent the Illinois state legislative and advocacy interests and efforts of Illinois Stewardship Alliance surrounding issues of food freedom and sovereignty, we have retained the services of attorney Steve Morrill and the Morrill & Associates lobbying firm.

Federal Policy and Legislation

2014 Farm Bill

Food Safety Modernization Act

Farmers Market Promotion Program

Value-Added Producer Grants

Conservation Stewardship Program

Mississippi River Basin Initiative