Raw Milk Needs Your Help

A bill to legalize the sale of raw milk hit a stumbling block last week in the Illinois State House, but with your urgent action today, it can get back on track in a Senate committee hearing on Tuesday.

The bill would allow the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to write rules for off-farm non-third party retail sales and distribution of raw milk.

The new law would fix a regulation implemented this year that made it virtually illegal to get raw milk in Illinois unless you go out to purchase it at the farm. The expensive and burdensome rule change has already run several farms out of the dairy business and kept urban and disabled consumers from accessing raw milk.

Take action today to support our state’s small diversified family farms and consumers’ freedom to choose raw milk.

Fill out a “Witness slip” to show your support for the raw milk bill

Please fill out this witness slip as a  PROPONENT immediately:  Senate Witness Slip


  • If you are filing on behalf of a business or organization, please fill out your organization’s name in both sections that ask for it.  Otherwise, type “self” in both sections about “business” or “representation.”
  • Select “PROPONENT”
  • Check off “Record of Appearance Only”

Urge your legislators to cosponsor the raw milk bill

Please also call your state representative and state senator and urge them to support and cosponsor SB1662. Let them know that no one should be a criminal for meeting their farmer off the farm to get their milk.

You can easily find your legislator here.

Come to Springfield on April 6

Join us at Illinois Stewardship Alliance’s annual Local Food Lobby Day on April 6 to talk to your state legislators in person about the local food issues that matter to you.


Thank you, as always, for your help advocating for food system change.