2022 Resilience Fund Awardees

We are excited to announce the 18 farms selected to receive a grant from the Illinois Stewardship Alliance’s 2022 Resilience Fund! 

The Resilience Fund helps local food producers invest in critical on-farm infrastructure for increasing capacity and resilience in the Illinois local food system. 

The 2022 Resilience Fund was highly competitive. In total, 127 applications were received from local food producers across Illinois requesting over $1 million in support. There were many strong proposals making funding decisions very difficult.

A special thank you to the Chicago Region Food System Fund for the financial support that made this possible, the 2022 Resilience Fund Review Committee for their time and dedication, our partner organizations for promoting the Resilience Fund, Alliance members for their ongoing support, and all of the Illinois local food producers creating a healthier, more resilient food system. 

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Check out all of the 2022 Resilience Fund grantees below:

All Seasons Farm
Cool Down Station for Leafy Greens & Lettuce
Cobden, IL
Award: $10,000

Farmer: Jill Rendleman
Website: allseasons-farm.com

Facebook: @AllSeasonsFarm
Instagram: @all_seasons_farm
Email: allseasonsfarmer@gmail.com
Phone: (618) 308-0217

What We Will Accomplish: With $10,000 in funds we will be able to construct a shaded and drained stage 1 cool down area in the center of our production area which will help us cool down leafy greens and lettuces out of the sun, rain, and other elements with a faster cool down thus producing a higher quality of product and an expansion of the amount of product we can cool down during a given time period.

Black Oaks Farm
Pembroke Farmland Restoration
Pembroke Township, IL
Award: $10,000

Farmer: Jifunza Wright
Website: healthyfoodhub.org blackoakscenter.org

Facebook: @HealthyFoodHubChicago
Email: blackoakscenter@gmail.com
Phone: (773) 717-6019

What We Will Accomplish: With $10,000 dollars, we will be able to purchase equipment (tree planter, bush hog) which will help us to support many small farms in establishing orchards & berry patches.

Chanticlare Farm
Winfield, IL
Award: $10,000

Farmer: Mary Rossow
Website: chanticlarefarm.com Facebook: @chanticlarefarm
Email: chanticlare17@gmail.com
Phone: (708) 527-8082

What We Will Accomplish: With $10,000 in funds, we will be able to build a 96′ x 18′ hoophouse, which will help us grow more food for our community.

Fresher Together
“The water can only flow thanks to the well.” ~An African Proverb
Chicago, IL
Award: $10,000

Farmer: Fresh S. Roberson
Website: freshertogether.com
Instagram: @freshertogether @cheffresh82
Email: freshertogether@gmail.com
Phone: (847) 924-3947

What We Will Accomplish: With $10,000 we will be able to dig a well thus securing water, which will help us thrive and expand production on our long term land!

Garlic Breath Farm
Organic Roadside Farm Stand
Elburn, IL
Award: $10,000

Farmer: Sharon Pferschy
Website: garlicbreathfarm.com
Facebook: @garlicbreathfarm1

Instagram: @garlicbreathfarm
Email: garlicbreathowner@gmail.com
Phone: (224) 801-4248

What We Will Accomplish: With $10,000 we will be able to accomplish funding a large portion of the Organic Roadside Farm Stand at Garlic Breath Farm, while still remaining financially viable by not having to take on an unbearable amount of debt, which will help us increase the capacity, accessibility and resilience of our local food system by reducing the reliance on commercial food systems in our area.

Glaciers End
On-Farm Kitchen
Johnston City, IL
Award: $10,000

Farmer: Libby Ervin
Website: glaciersend.com/

Facebook: @GlaciersEnd
Instagram: @glaciers_end
Email: office@glaciersend.com
Phone: (312) 343-2864

What We Will Accomplish: With $10,000 in funding, we will be able to invest in and expand our on-farm kitchen, which will help us to meet customer demand, increase storage and handling capacity, help support other local farmers as we can purchase more produce from them and to improve the economic stability of our farm.

Gorman Farm Fresh Produce
High Tunnel + Two-Wheel Tractor
Monee, IL
Award: $10,000

Farmer: Kevin P Gorman
Website: gormanfarmfreshproduce.com

Facebook: @GormanFarmFreshProduce
Email: kevinpgorman@gmail.com
Phone: (708) 638-2047

What We Will Accomplish: With $10,000 in funds, we will be able to construct a second 30’ x 88’ high tunnel on the farm and purchase a two-wheel tractor for use in the hoop houses and in the field. The high tunnel will enable us to increase our capacity to supply early spring, late fall and winter greens to our customer base. It will also enable us to grow tomatoes and basil for summer crop in rotation with our other tunnel, thereby lessening potential disease problems from continuous cropping of tomatoes in one tunnel. Purchasing a two-wheel tractor will allow us to cultivate individual rows and increase our succession planting in the high tunnels and field crops. Currently we have no mechanical means of cultivation for the high tunnel or field crops. The two-wheel tractor will also contribute to overall efficiency on the farm, enabling us to mechanically cultivate summer crops and free up labor for other on-farm projects.

Greene Fields Farm
On-Farm Refrigeration
Greenfield, IL
Award: $10,000

Farmer: Christina Marie Joehl
Website: greenefieldsfarm.com

Facebook: @GreeneFieldsFarm
Email: christie.joehl@gmail.com
Phone: (217) 416-0839

What We Will Accomplish: With $10,000 we will be able to add on farm refrigeration which will help us preserve and provide our farm products to our community over an extend period of time to help address the “food desert” in our area.

Jo Daviess Local Foods
Cold Storage
Elizabeth, IL
Award: $10,000

Farmer: Erin Keyser
Website: jdlf.org

Instagram: @jdlocalfoods
Email: jdlocalfoods@gmail.com
Phone: (815) 990-5374

What We Will Accomplish: With $10,000 we will be able to buy cold storage, which will help us improve our county’s local food system.

LEAF Food Hub
LEAF2 Local Equitable Access to Food
Carterville, IL
Award: $10,000

Farmer: Liz DeRuntz
Website: leaffoodhub.com

Facebook: @LEAFFoodHub
Email: leaffoodhub@gmail.com
Phone: (618) 924-1290

What We Will Accomplish: With $10,000 we will be able to upgrade our software & equipment and make a down payment on a delivery van, which will help us to reach a new segment of the southern Illinois population, increase our product offerings, and transport additional cold items safely.

Mint Creek Farm
Innovating Mobile Prairie Accommodations for Pastured Poultry
Cabery, IL
Award: $10,000

Farmer: Gwen & Raya Carr
Website: mintcreekfarm.com

Facebook: @MintCreekFarm
Instagram: @MintCreek_IL
Email: mintcreekfarm@gmail.com
Phone: (224) 998-8419

What We Will Accomplish: With $10,000 we will be able to improve our infrastructure for raising broiler chickens, which will enable us to raise 1,000 broiler chicks at a time much more efficiently on organic pasture.

Piscasaw Gardens Inc.
Sweet Corn Irrigation
Harvard, IL
Award: $10,000

Farmer: Jennifer Kinney
Website: piscasaw.com

Facebook: @piscasaw
Instagram: @piscasaw
Email: jenny@piscasaw.com
Phone: (815) 451-4856

What We Will Accomplish: With $10,000 we will be bumped up into the budget amount that allows us to purchase a water wheel that is long enough to cover the length of our field, which will potentially double our production, and at the very least will save our crop in the event of another drought.

Sowing Seed Urban Garden Center
Operation Grow More
Rock Island, IL
Award: $10,000

Farmer: Leticia Taliafero
Website: n/a

Email: Ms.T@SowingSeedUGC.com
Phone: (563) 210-7122

What We Will Accomplish: With $10,000 we will be able to construct raised beds, repair our high tunnel, install permanent pathways, and add pest protective measures, which will help us produce a larger quantity and wider variety of crops at our Rock Island farm.

Star Farm Chicago
Stockyards Gardens
Chicago, IL
Award: $10,000

Farmer: Stephanie Dunn
Website: starfarmchicago.com

Instagram: @starfarmchicago
Email: stephanie@starfarmchicago.com
Phone: (312) 768-9949

What We Will Accomplish: With $10,000 we will be able to build Phase 1 of a 36,000 sq ft urban farm, which will in its first year produce up to 10,000 lbs of produce, support the growth of two Incubator Farmers, host 1500 program participants and volunteer workgroups, and activate decades-vacant land to produce fresh fruit, flowers, and vegetables in a food desert.

The Flock Farm
Walk-in freezer
Anna, IL
Award: $10,000

Farmer: Brent Glays
Website: n/a

Facebook: @theflockfarmsoil
Instagram: @theflockfarm
Email: info@theflockfarm.com
Phone: (618) 833-0240

What We Will Accomplish: With $10,000 we will be able to purchase a walk-in freezer, which will help us continue to grow and which will alleviate our largest obstacle.

The Mad Farmers’ Garden
Tools for continued soil health
Coal Valley, IL
Award: $5,157.98

Farmer: Hannah Harris

Email: farmer@madfarmersgarden.online
Phone: (309) 799-8050

What We Will Accomplish: With $5,158 we will be able to acquire appropriate technology which will help us maintain the soil health on our growing small-scale annual market gardens.

Three Rivers Community Farm
Improving Potato Production and Harvest Efficiency
Elsah, IL
Award: $9,842.02

Farmer: Amy Irene Cloud
Website: threeriverscommunityfarm.com

Facebook: @ThreeRiversCommunityFarm
Instagram: @3rivers22935
Email: info@threeriverscommunityfarm.com
Phone: (618) 946-7974

What We Will Accomplish: With a minimum of $7,500 we will be able to purchase a Spedo One Row Chain Potato Digger from Market Farm Implement which will help us harvest potatoes more efficiently and more enjoyably for ourselves and our crew; and therefore, be able to double our donation in 2022. With a maximum grant of $10,000 we will be able to also purchase a one row cut-style potato planter from US Small Farm Implement which will help us plant more acreage quicker, more enjoyably, and with significantly less labor.

Tulip Tree Gardens Co.
Shipping & Refrigeration
Beecher, IL
Award: $10,000

Farmer: Rachael Smedberg
Website: tuliptreegardensco.com

Facebook: @tuliptreegardens.com
Instagram: @tuliptreegardens.farmstand/
Email: rks@tuliptreegardens.farm
Phone: (219) 765-5652

What We Will Accomplish: With $10,000 in funds, we will be able to build a walk in cooler ( 16′ x 8′ x 8′) and purchase much needed cold-shipping supplies to allow for larger distance shipping & delivery. This will allow us to scale up our vegetables, flowers & pasture raised meat to serve a greater radius of the community and provide a better full service shipping & e-commerce experience. This will also serve as additional space to expand our CSA program & take on additional families. The amount of families we can take on is loosely tied to our cooler / freezer space. With this investment we will be able to scale from 30 families of veggie CSA’s, to over 150 full meat/dairy/produce CSA’s. We will also be accepting SNAP for our community which is currently below the 20% percentile of national income averages.