Show local food farmers some love <3

When the pandemic emptied grocery store shelves, local food farmers answered the call. 

They were there for us, as they have been all along, when we need them most.

Now they are coming together to lead us in building a more resilient, just, and regenerative food system.

On December 2 and 3, a crop of local food farmer-members are gathering (virtually) to launch the Alliance’s Local Food Farmer Caucus.

They’ll get to know each other, understand challenges they face, shape a policy agenda to tackle issues, and develop their voices and capacity to lead. 

You can count on them to lead. They count on you to have their backs.

Please take a moment to send a note of gratitude to farmers for the delicious local food you love. 

Show love for your favorite farmer or for all the farmers coming together. Share a story about how much your local farmer or local food means to you. 

We will share your good thoughts, gratitude, and stories with farmers at the Local Food Farmer Caucus Kickoff in December and on social media.

When farmers organize together – backed by eaters like you – we’re a powerful alliance.

We know because we’ve seen it.

Farmers and eaters organized together changed cottage food laws to grow local food businesses, brought industrial hemp back to Illinois, helped farmers afford new sustainable practices and helped more families afford local food – and that’s just the start.

As farmers gather to launch the statewide caucus, let’s show them we appreciate the food they grow – and their leadership!

A simple thanks can go so far.

Thank you too for buying local and sustainable whenever you can and for using your voice for just and regenerative food.

P.S. We will share your good thoughts and gratitude with farmers at the Local Food Farmer Caucus Kickoff and on social media. Click here to show ‘em the love!