Summer Shindig

Live bluegrass music played in the background, the smell of local produce and meat cooked by a cadre of talented chefs wafted in the air, and a light breeze rustled produce destined for the farmers’ market in nearby fields. That was the scene for Illinois Stewardship Alliance’s Summer Shindig on June 30. Located at Garrick Veenstra’s farm, the party celebrated the end of ISA’s second annual membership drive, and was a way ISA could celebrate its members.

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The event was made possible because of a lot of help from a diverse set of members and supporters. ISA would like to thank the following, in no particular order, for their donations: Garrick Veenstra and his family for hosting the event; Andy Heck for his help putting on the event and setting up; Augie Mrozowski of Augie’s Front Burner for preparing dishes; Jordan and Aurora Coffey of American Harvest Eatery for the sangria, cocktail surprise and preparing dishes; Ryan Lewis of Cafe Brio for preparing dishes; Greg Volle of Panther Creek Country Club for preparing dishes; Courtney Wick for cupcakes; Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Association for wine; Huelskotter Pork for meat; Famous Wine and Spirits for alcohol; Pete Lammers for grilling; PrairiErth Farm for produce; and Oak Tree Organics for food.