Support Nutritious Food For All, Support HB6027 Healthy Food Incentives Food

At Illinois Stewardship Alliance we are fighting to make nutritious, locally-grown fruits and vegetables available for the people who need it most. For the past two months we’ve been at the Capitol talking to legislators as well as mobilizing grassroots support for HB6027 Healthy Local Food Incentives Fund. In a snapshot, the bill asks the state of Illinois for a $1 million investment that will provide SNAP recipients with matching funds for fruit and vegetable purchases at farmers markets. That means that a family that comes to a farmers market with $10 in SNAP benefits to spend will receive a $10 match for fruit and vegetable purchases, for a total of $20. That matching fund goes a long way to feeding the 1 in 5 children in Illinois that depend on SNAP benefits with wholesome food, and not just cheap, nutritionally devoid convenience food.  HB6027 also helps put more money in the pockets of small farmers trying to earn a living and supports the local economy.

Sound like a good thing? We think so too. But we can’t make it happen without you. Take 2 minutes to email your state representative and ask him or her to support HB6027 Healthy Food Incentives Food. This easy peasy form makes it a snap. And then you can feel good going about your day knowing you contributed to a great cause.

Email Your Representative

Need more reasons to support HB6027 or simply want to learn more? Check out the flyer below and share it with your friends!