Take action by 5pm TONIGHT to support cottage food

Earlier this week during our Hot Ones fundraising event, Rep. Will Guzzardi made a surprise announcement!

If we reach 150 donations by 5pm on Friday, December 3rd he’ll try our final 5-Alarm-Fire hot sauce– the Wolf Rayet.

The Wolf Rayet made by Glacier’s End Farm is a frighteningly fiery sauce named after the final explosion of a massive dying star. 

We’re just a few donations shy of our goal!  

When we reach 150 donations with your help, we’ll release a special video of Rep. Guzzardi and Molly trying the Wolf Rayet.

Your support this past year has already helped us pass sweeping legislative reforms that will help grow small farms and cottage food businesses. Your donation now will help us build power to tackle even more of the issues you care about.  Donate to unlock Wolf Rayet today

Your donation directly supports:

  • The development, design, and distribution of a new Cottage Food Guide. Our last guide was downloaded over 3000 times and has helped launch countless small businesses — the new guide will be even better.
  • Our work to track food and farm legislation and develop timely and easy opportunities to take action on the issues that you care about.
  • Leadership and advocacy training for farmers and eaters like you to navigate the political system and be a force for change for just and regenerative food systems.

Thank you to those of you who have already made a gift, helping raise over $2,000.

P.S.  You can watch the full Hot Ones video here, and then help get us to 150 donations here.