Take Action for Climate!

If you ask Jason Halm what he thinks the biggest issue facing farmers, he’ll tell you:

“Climate change, climate change, climate change.”

He’s seen record setting rain for the last three Mays at the farm he manages in Naperville. Last year was one of the hottest and driest summers in Chicago history.

If this trend continues, he worries you won’t see organic greens grown in Illinois.

At Green Earth Harvest, Jason is using land stewardship practices that help make the farm more resilient to severe weather events like floods and droughts.

Jason’s focus on building healthy soil has an added benefit: he’s capturing climate-warming carbon in the ground and filtering clean drinking water!

But it’s not easy. Farmers need technical and financial assistance to implement the kinds of conservation practices that capture carbon.

USDA provides assistance for farmers transitioning to climate-friendly practices, but fewer than half of Illinois farmers who apply get the help they need. Farm conservation programs are chronically underfunded.

You can help!

This month, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to advocate for federal investments to address climate change. 

Right now, your member of Congress is working on a $3.5 trillion climate and infrastructure bill. 

This budget package could invest billions in helping more farmers reduce greenhouse gas emissions, sequester carbon in soils, and adapt to a changing climate. 

Alliance members like Jason are urging Congress to invest $38 billion in solutions to the climate crisis that work for farmers, especially for farmers of color who have been historically left out of farm programs.

This funding would include substantial increases to conservation program funding, increased investment in sustainable and organic agriculture research, and funding to improve regional food supply chains and renewable energy – all with a focus on mitigating climate change and building climate resilience. 

Will you urge your members of Congress to act on climate in the budget?