Take Action for the Agriculture Resilience Act!

Right now, Congress is beginning the work of creating the next Farm Bill. It’s essential that this farm bill include significant action on climate change for farmers. This is our opportunity to see that climate policy lifts up and supports the work sustainable farmers are doing to build soil health, sequester carbon, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and make their farms resilient to the changing climate.

Will you take action today to support the Agriculture Resilience Act?

This bill will harness the power of agriculture to draw down carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the soil, and with enough support, it can become part of the Farm Bill. Want more details? Here are some specific goals of the ARA: 

  • Places a priority on underserved producers to advance equity
  • Bolsters funding to the Conservation Stewardship Program 
  • Encourages the transition from annual to perennial crop production
  • Increases support for the Organic Cost Share program
  • Creates a new Processing Resilience Grant Program for small meat and poultry processors
  • Increases USDA Research & Regional Climate Hubs

With urgent action now, including the investments and policy reforms in the ARA, we can meet our climate goals and dramatically improve our food system while engaging farmers in making the critical changes necessary for our future. 

You can help, and it takes only moments – please encourage your Congressional delegation to cosponsor the bill.

Thanks for taking action!