Lawmakers listened & acted – say thanks!

Thank your legislator! Pictured is a drawing of the State Capitol Building with the works 'Thank Your Legislator''

Our lawmakers listened – let’s say thanks!

This year, Alliance farmers and eaters from across the state came together to solve some of the most pressing issues in our food system. 

Together, we put those solutions into a policy agenda featuring six state policies that will grow the local food economy, build climate resilience, and advance equity.

And then you went to work – emailing, calling, and meeting with state legislators, signing petitions, and making your voice heard. Because of you, the General Assembly passed all six policies! 

Now your state legislators need to hear from you one more time.

A little thank you goes a long way.

Your message of gratitude let’s lawmakers know that these issues matter to you and that there’s a powerful Alliance of farmers and eaters working with you to make local food and regenerative agriculture a priority for Illinois.

We’ve made it easy to say thank you with just the click of a button.

Please take one minute right now to deepen your connection with your lawmaker and lay the groundwork for passing bold new policy solutions next year.

Alliance members know that building power means celebrating our wins with gratitude and infusing our work with joy. Don’t miss the opportunity to share your joy with your lawmaker. Say thank you today.

Speaking of joy, we’re planning a celebration for you and all we’ve accomplished together. In August, we’re hosting six regional on-farm Summer Shindigs to show our love and gratitude. More details coming soon!