The Home-to-Market Act is now law!

Urge Gov. Pritzker to sign the Home-to-Market Act; Pictured a progression bar that shows 252 supporters having already sent Gov Pritzker a message on behald of the Home-to-Market Act

Your lawmakers listened — say thanks!

You did it! You helped turn a bill into a law! 

Bet you didn’t know you had so much power– but you do when we all act together.

This week Governor Pritzker signed the Home-to-Market Act, creating smart new regulations for hundreds of small farms and food businesses working from their home kitchens, enabling them to reach new customers and grow their business. The bill passed unanimously in May.

A vibrant and healthy cottage food industry in Illinois is a starting point for a vibrant and healthy local food system.

Whether you took action urging your lawmaker to support the Home to Market Act, joined our Local Food Farmer Caucus to help draft and negotiate the legislation, shared a social media post or email about the issue with your friends, participated in our Virtual Lobby Day, or made a donation to support our work — your action made a difference. 

Because of you, lawmakers listened. 

Now it’s time to celebrate by giving thanks.

Please take one minute to thank your elected officials for their support. We’ve made it easy to show your appreciation with just two clicks:

Your message of gratitude lets lawmakers know these issues matter to you and that there’s a powerful Alliance of farmers and eaters working to make local food and regenerative agriculture a priority in Illinois.