This Giving Tuesday, Give $5 to bring the heat

This giving Tuesday, your $5 donation will support small farms and food businesses, like Glacier’s End Farm, in your community and across the state: 

Derek and Libby Ervin of Glacier’s End dream of owning their own cidery one day. And to earn the income they need to finance that dream, they’re making and selling amazing jams, syrups, pickles and hot sauces, made from ingredients grown and foraged on their farm. 

They are especially proud of their hot sauces and have even grown a cult following in Southern Illinois.

Their savory “Green Light” hot sauce is made with green peppers and tomatillos, and their spicy “Old Squirrel” hot sauce is made with ghost peppers and Carolina reapers. 

They are even introducing insane new levels of heat with their Phantom Plum Fairy and their First Frost hot sauces.

But Illinois regulations limited their ability to reach new customers and grow their business. So they swung into action, organizing with Illinois Stewardship Alliance and farmers across the state to introduce the Home-to-Market Act and reform the law. And they won!

Starting in January, Derek and Libby will be able to ship their hot sauces to customers across Illinois, and you’ll be able to enjoy shopping for more local products online. 

Derek and Libby are one step closer to their dreams, but businesses like theirs across the state still need help. They need: 

  • resources to help them navigate the new law; 
  • technical assistance on product labeling, food safety, insurance, starting an online ordering system, and taxes; and 
  • opportunities to join with other cottage food producers to build leadership and advocacy skills to solve problems and shift policy towards a more just and regenerative food system. 

You can help.

During this fundraising event, modeled after the popular YouTube series “Hot Ones,” we’ll interview small business champion Rep. Will Guzzardi about the cottage food industry, exciting new changes for small businesses, and how people power makes a difference.

Rep Guzzardi will answer questions all while he eats progressively hotter hot sauces made by cottage food producers across Illinois– including Derek and Libby’s!

Your donation of any size will determine the level of heat on those hot wings– 10 donors for mild, 50 for medium, 75 for medium hot, 100 hot, and 200 for five-alarm fire!

Donate today to help us reach medium!

Grab your friends, make a donation of any size, and tune in to the Illinois Stewardship Alliance Facebook Page at 7pm on Giving Tuesday, November 30th for a good cause and good old-fashioned fun.

And don’t forget to Like and Follow Glaciers End on Facebook to stay up-to-date on their latest seasonal products.

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