Tis’ the Season for Gratitude

During this time of year we are reminded of all we are grateful. We have been thinking back to all the stories we’ve heard regarding the difference our work makes in people’s lives.

So for the Alliance, what we’re most grateful for is easy: you.

Because of your support, farmer and mom Carla Jaquet can do more to provide for her family.

Carla owns and operated Wild Hare Farms, a farm and cottage food business in northwest Illinois

She and her son Corey prepare baked goods, hand pies, jams, pickles, and salsas to sell at the Morrison Farmers Market.

She grows most of the ingredients herself. What she doesn’t grow, she buys from neighboring farms and businesses, right down to flour from a local mill. She believes in using only fresh, wholesome ingredients to feed her customers.

For Carla, the ability to run a business from her home kitchen means everything to her and her family. Carla told us,

“My cottage food business allows me to not only expand our farm-based business, but also be present to meet personal family needs and provide meaningful vocational and learning opportunities for our disabled adult son.”

Your support helped make it possible for hundreds of farmers and cottage food startups, primarily women-owned, launch and grow in 2019.

Your support helped advocates share their story with policymakers, connect to learn from each other, and grow more local food in you community

With your help we educated farmers and entrepreneurs like Carla on the latest regulations in dozens of workshops around the state. We launched a new network of cottage food entrepreneurs. Nearly every day, we take calls and emails answering questions to help them grow their business.

You made it happen.

Thank you.